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Saturday, December 10, 2016
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Al and Joanna Lacy

Al and Joanna Lacy

Al Lacy is an evangelist and author of more than one hundred historical and Western novels, including the Journeys of the Stranger, Angel of Mercy, and Mail Order Bride series, with more than three million books in print. JoAnna Lacy, Al's wife and longtime collaborator, is a retired nurse. The Lacys have been married for more than forty years and live in Florida.

Books by Al and Joanna Lacy

20 book(s)
(July 2010)
John "The Stranger" Brockman is back -- and it will take more than his fists and a colt .45 to beat these killers.
(February 2010)
For some soldiers, the battle never ends ...
(August 2009)
Without freeing a dangerous criminal, can John find Ginny before they kill her?
(January 2009)
John “The Stranger” Brockman is back by popular demand!
(February 2007)
Will the Cherokees and the settlers all find a home in the land of promise? And perhaps a spiritual home as well?
(October 2006)
Heavens shine above new beginnings.
(July 2006)
Will Major Dalton obtain revenge, or learn that vengeance truly belongs to the Lord?
(July 2006)
Risking all he knows and loves, an officer with amnesia confronts his memories -- including the mysterious woman he may have left behind ...
(June 2006)
In southern Wyoming, an influenza epidemic sweeps in on the tails of a raging blizzard ...
(June 2006)
Emily McDermott mistakes another couple's child for her dead daughter ...
(June 2006)
Nineteen-year-old Stephan Varda flees his father's wrath over the death of his beloved brother in unstable 1880s Hungary ...
(June 2006)
Handsome, accomplished Dr. Erik Linden veers between heroism/accolades/failure and despair in this fascinating new historical novel.
(June 2006)
Jury members are turning up dead, and the people of Butte fear a murderer has come back to have his vengeance.
(June 2006)
Though he may lose everything he loves, Vladimir must trust God as he navigates his river of trouble.
(June 2006)
Which will win out: love or duty?
(June 2006)
A hard-fought land dispute between the local Apache and Zuni Indians has led to the wedding-day kidnapping of the son of Arizona's governor.
(June 2006)
Can the Stranger keep Jim Logan's family from destruction and rescue a beautiful woman separated from the man she loves?
(June 2006)
Four former heroes, now hounded and shamed, head west and turn to lives of crime. And it is Rance Dayton, now a U.S. marshal, who must bring the outlaws to justice.
(May 2006)
They found each other in the midst of tragedy … but is their love enough to keep them together?
(June 1995)
Suspense, danger, romance, and spiritual truth each play a part in this compelling story that draws readers into the life of an angel of mercy.

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