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Wednesday, December 07, 2016
Alton Gansky

Alton Gansky

Alton Gansky is the author of 30 books—24 of them novels, including the Angel Award winner Terminal Justice and Christie Award finalist A Ship Possessed. A frequent speaker at writing conferences, he holds BA and MA degrees in biblical studies. Alton and his wife reside in Southern California.
Alton Gansky: Thoughtful Entertainment

Alton Gansky: Thoughtful Entertainment

(November 2012)
Katie Hart
Alton Gansky has teamed up again with prophecy expert Mark Hitchcock— this time, the duo explores the chaos of a world suddenly bereft of technology.

In Digital Winter (Harvest House), an evolving computer virus knocks out communication systems and power grids. Among those adapting to a world set back a hundred years is an Air Force officer working in cyber security, and his wife, a trauma surgeon.

“I do the writing,” Alton explains. “Mark excels at nonfiction and has several outstanding books dealing with prophetic matters. I default to him for those matters. He oversees the doctrinal elements and I focus on the storytelling.”

With more than 40 books published, the majority novels, Alton is clearly qualified to craft stories. “My writing goal is to provide entertainment that makes the reader think,” he says. “Digital Winter deals with a very real subject and is based on dangers we face being as technologically dependent as we are. Our country— well, all developed countries—can be tossed back a century in just a few minutes. Our goal was to imagine a scenario that could happen and one that fit end-times prophecies. Of course, this is not a prediction—it’s a novel about a possibility.”

Alton worked in banking, and was a firefighter, architect and pastor before pursuing publication for his writing. He and his wife, Becky, have three grown children and live in California.

He sums up the theme of Digital Winter in two parts: “Severe crisis brings out the best and worst in people,” and “Faith and love are more important than computers and smartphones.”

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