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Thursday, December 08, 2016
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Beverly Lewis

Beverly Lewis

Beverly Lewis, raised in Pennsylvania Amish country, is a former schoolteacher, an accomplished musician, and an award-winning author of more than eighty books for adults and children, many of which have appeared on bestseller lists. Her novel The Brethren won a 2007 Christy Award for excellence in Christian fiction.

Books by Beverly Lewis

49 book(s)
(September 2016)
When Gloria unexpectedly contacts Leona after a silence of several years, will Leona's dearest wish lead to her own undoing?
(March 2016)
Is it possible that even the most unworthy heart--and two people from very different walks of life--can somehow find a new beginning?
(September 2015)
The woman in the forbidden photograph is no stranger at all ...
(March 2015)
Could these letters be the key to the old man's identity? And can they bring healing and hope to Marlena and Ellie as well?
(September 2014)
Can sisters face the future in the light of a past they can't undo?
(April 2014)
Will Tessie find a reason for hope in spite of her desperate plight?
(September 2013)
Jennifer Burns shocks her family and friends when she bids farewell to her modern life.
(March 2013)
It's as if the child appeared out of nowhere ...
(September 2012)
Eben's hopes for building a life with his dear Joanna are dimming, and patience is wearing thin. Will Joanna ever be more than a bridesmaid?
(September 2012)
ABRAM'S DAUGHTERS is the powerful saga of four sisters, their family and community, whose way of life and faith in God are as enduring as their signature horse and buggy. Or so it seems...
(April 2012)
When Amy DeVries, thoroughly modern and disillusioned, sets out on a road trip, she unexpectedly meets an Amishman--and community--that changes her life forever.
(April 2012)
The People themselves dare to challenge the Old Ways of their heritage ... and each patriarch must choose a side.
(September 2011)
Rose Kauffman pines for prodigal Nick Franco, the Bishop's foster son who left the Amish under a cloud of suspicion after his foster brother's death.
(April 2011)
Is there any way Hen can reestablish her place among the People without sacrificing her marriage?
(April 2011)
Why did Katie Lapp's Amish parents hide that beautiful satin baby gown in the attic ...?
(September 2010)
Lancaster County may seem idyllic, but it is not without its thorns. The Rose Trilogy is the stirring saga of two Amish sisters, and the events and decisions that change their lives.
(May 2010)
The Secret / The Missing / The Telling
(April 2010)
Accompanied by her new English friend, Grace Byler has left Bird-in-Hand to search for her mother in Ohio. But what if Lettie refuses to be found?
(September 2009)
Following the only clue they have, Grace and Heather travel together in hopes of finding Grace's mother and bringing her home. Will they find what they're looking for...or something much more?
(March 2009)
The loving hand of God is at work in even the most unsettling circumstances...
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