Kids ages six and up will love this exciting comic-book style collection depicting ten of the greatest superheroes of the Bible. Each short story tells the tale of one biblical hero fighting against the odds, battling foes, and/or enduring great tests of faith and strength to prevail in the name of the Lord. From Joshua who fought bravely against a great army in the siege of Jericho; to Elijah the prophet who stood up to a powerful king and wielded flaming fireballs from heaven; to David who battled and defeated the giant, Goliath, there are plenty of captivating tales to inspire kids of all ages.

Families will love seeing their children dive into these colorful stories of faith and kids will enjoy the full-color illustrations that bring dramatic biblical scenes to life. At 10-12 pages each, these stories are just the right length for active or reluctant readers, bedtime reading sessions, and church groups. Entertaining and character-building, this story collection is the perfect addition to any home library.

Illustrated by Amanda Brack.

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About The Author

Cara J. Stevens got her big break writing stories for Sesame Street video games. She has gone on to write dozens of books for kids, several of which feature the likes of Paw Patrol, SpongeBob Squarepants, Bubble Guppies, and Minecraft. Cara lives in the Los Angeles area with her family.

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