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Monday, December 05, 2016
Chris and Erica Well

Chris and Erica Well

Comics & Animation
Chris Well is an award-winning writer whose laugh-out-loud mysteries include Nursing a Grudge (2010) and Burying the Hatchet (2011). Erica Well is a writer and illustrator working on her first graphic novel. They collaborate on the weekly comic strip Best Mann for the Job.
Best Mann For the Job: To Protect And To Serve ... And Look Good

Best Mann For the Job: To Protect And To Serve ... And Look Good

(July 1, 2009)
Press Release

NASHVILLE, TN—Years ago, Grace Mann ran from home to make her fortune in the big city—but things didn't work out like she'd hoped. Following a career as a semi-successful professional lady wrestler, the prodigal daughter has returned home to Hope Falls, Tennessee ... where she now serves as the small town's new sheriff. Her adventures unfold every week online in the new comic strip Best Mann For The Job, produced by mystery writer Chris Well and comics veteran Erica Well.

"Grace is trying to make something better of her life, but she's still dealing with a lot of baggage from her past," explains Chris, who co-writes the series with wife/artist Erica. "And Best Mann For The Job will explore that—along with all the crime-fightin' action you can expect when the sheriff is an ex- pro-wrestler with anger management issues."

"Like a lot of us, Grace is just trying to find where she fits in life," adds Erica, a former staffer for DC Comics and creator of The Miller Sisters comic strip. "There's a very good possibility she's finally found here place—and, much to her surprise, it's back home."

Readers can start the story from the beginning at There's also a preview trailer on YouTube and a fan page on Facebook.

Chris Well is an award-winning writer whose fiction has appeared in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. His laugh-out-loud crime thrillers Forgiving Solomon Long, Deliver Us From Evelyn and Tribulation House were simultaneously ranked the top three most discussed books on the Web in May 2007 by Technorati, which tracks more than 250 million pieces of social media.

Erica Well, an illustrator and instructor, sold her first illustrations at thirteen, and became fascinated with the creation of comics at sixteen after her first visit to Marvel Comics. In 1987, she began working in the industry in retail and publishing—including staff positions with Milestone Media, Broadway Comics and DC Comics. Erica is currently working on her first graphic novel.




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