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Thursday, December 08, 2016
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Dave and Neta Jackson

Dave and Neta Jackson

Husband/wife writing team Dave and Neta Jackson are the authors or coauthors of more than 130 books, including the Yada Yada series, the Harry Bentley series, their children's historical fiction Trailblazer series, the Hero Tales books, and numerous nonfiction books with experts on topics ranging from racial reconciliation to medical ethics to ministry to kids in gangs. They live in the Chicago metro area, where their contemporary fiction is set.

Books by Dave and Neta Jackson

23 book(s)
(October 2013)
Forced to give up his hard-earned retirement, Harry Bentley goes back to work as a detective.
(May 2013)
Welcome to Beecham Street -- a typical isolated American neighborhood that might just be a place of hope.
(December 2012)
Kat Davies is suddenly wondering if her good deed was a bad idea.
(March 2012)
Sometimes the person you most need is the one least like you.
(March 2011)
Gabby knows God is the God of second chances. She just isn’t sure she can give one to the man who betrayed her.
(August 2010)
This story parallels Who Do I Lean On? the third book in Neta Jackson's House of Hope series
(June 2010)
You can only walk forward when you learn how to lean.
(November 2009)
The fifth collection features Martin Luther, Marcus and Narcissa Whitman, Governor William Pen, John Newton and John G. Paton.
(November 2009)
Popular with parents, teachers, and homeschoolers, these five-in-one volumes introduce readers to real Christian heroes from history.
(September 2009)
In the last place she ever imagined she'd be, Gabby will discover what she's made of--and for.
(July 2009)
The third volume also includes Frederick Douglass, Jonathan and Rosalind Goforth, Gladys Aylward and Nate Saint.
(March 2009)
When faced with the man who ruined his life, can Ray extend the same forgiveness that has been handed to him?
(January 2009)
The second collection presents Amy Carmichael, Hudson Taylor, David Zeisberger, Joy Ridderhof and Rómulo Sauñe.
(January 2009)
Five Complete Novels! Amazing true stories of hope and adventure, described through the eyes of young fictional characters.
(December 2008)
"To be a father like God, to have God as his father ... perhaps Harry was being given a chance at both."
(December 2008)
Sometimes you find hope in the last place you look.
(October 2007)
From Thanksgiving and Christmas to rolling in the New Year, the Yada Yadas are "decked out" to celebrate the holidays!
(April 2007)
A devastating fire wakes up the Yada Yadas to a new reality: God is on the move.
(August 2006)
For the Yada Yadas, gettin' caught up in troubles isn't the problem; it's how to get free.
(October 2005)
The Yada Yadas got tight in the past year, but they're about to learn the real meaning of togetherness.
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