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Saturday, December 10, 2016
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Leisha Kelly

Leisha Kelly

Leisha Kelly (1963-2011) was the author of 11 books, among them a best-selling inspirational historical fiction series centered around the Wortham and Hammond families, set in Southern Illinois. At times a waitress, cafe manager, tutor and EMT, Leisha was active in her church and served many years on her local library board, bringing good reads and educational opportunities to her community. She passed away in 2011.

Books by Leisha Kelly

11 book(s)
(September 2010)
When tragedy steals her future, can Leah learn to trust again?
(September 2008)
The final installment of the Wortham family series!
(October 2007)
This heartfelt novella lets readers share Christmas with the Worthams and the Hammonds and discover the strength of faith, love, and family.
(February 2007)
The Trilett family and friends prepare for the joyous celebration of Tahn and Netta's wedding.
(July 2006)
War threatened to pull them apart. Hope bound them together.
(January 2006)
Once a feared mercenary, Tahn Dorn has abandoned his old ways and is building a new life.
(August 2005)
When all seems lost, out of the ashes redemption rises.
(January 2005)
Tahn Dorn finds himself trapped between his master's evil commands and his persistent conscience.
(August 2004)
She wanted a father. They wanted the truth.
(August 2003)
In a time of confusion, in the midst of grief, they discovered something beautiful.
(September 2002)
They Needed a Home. She Needed a Family. What They Found Was a Miracle.

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