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Saturday, December 03, 2016
Lorena McCourtney

Lorena McCourtney

Lorena McCourtney has published forty romance and mystery novels. Two of her novels, Invisible and On the Run, have received Daphne du Maurier Awards of Excellence. Two of her earlier novels, Forgotten and Whirlpool, were RITA finalists. She and her husband Jim live in southern Oregon.
Lorena McCourtney: Limo No Longer in Limbo

Lorena McCourtney: Limo No Longer in Limbo

(January 24, 2011)
C.J. Darlington
After writing Her Chariot Awaits—the cozy mystery featuring 60-year-old Andi McConnell, who inherits a limousine—author Lorena McCourtney wasn’t sure when the second book would release after the series was cancelled by the publisher. The wait is over!

Here Comes the Ride is now available exclusively on as a Kindle download for only $2.99. Amateur sleuth Andi finds herself in trouble once again during a five-day, live-in gig transporting a wedding party and Hollywood guests in her limousine. Will Andi wind up with more bullet holes in her limo—or in her?
—C.J. Darlington




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