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Sunday, December 04, 2016
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Michael Phillips

Michael Phillips

Michael Phillips has been writing in the Christian marketplace for 30 years. All told, he has written, co-written, and edited some 110 books. Phillips and his wife live in the U.S., and make their second home in Scotland.

Books by Michael Phillips

26 book(s)
(October 2016)
Change is threatening the island of Whale's Reef, and the plans of some locals put Loni's very life in danger.
(April 2016)
Past and present collide in master storyteller Phillips's dramatic new saga of loss and discovery, of grasping and grace, and of the dreams of men and women everywhere.
(June 2013)
As the key to a mystery continually eludes Percy, will he discover that true treasure—and love—was closer than imagined?
(August 2012)
Percy Drummond begins an unforgettable quest to solve the hidden mystery of the Westbrooke estate.
(February 2012)
Percy's uncle has made a surprising request ... what repercussions will it have ...?
(September 2011)
Newly married, Marie and Alaster Reidhaven's life seems idyllic. But things start to fall apart when the Duke's sister's curses and spells start to plague them.
(January 2011)
A widow's involvement in the community lands here in the center of the mystery of a long-unsolved local murder -- with whom will she cast the lot of her future?
(April 2008)
As the turbulence of the Civil War disrupts a nation, will one family be able to survive intact as they seek to follow God's will?
(July 2007)
Matthew and Sabina's son becomes embroiled in a conspiracy that threatens to destroy the newfound freedom of the Eastern Bloc nations.
(June 2007)
Will the Rosewood family survive this threat to their beloved home? Or will they be forced to say a final goodbye?
(April 2007)
Baron von Dortmann and his daughter, Sabina, desperately elude their pursuers and seek a way out of Communist Germany.
(December 2006)
Fire ripped Seffie from her family and stole her dearest friend. Will she allow it to destroy her one chance at happiness?
(November 2006)
Sabina continues the relentless search for her father with the help of the Jewish underground.
(July 2006)
The Prussian Baron von Dortmann and his daughter face the uncertainty of life just before WW II as their faith and relationships are tested.
(May 2006)
Loyalties and families become divided as the South is plunged into civil war.
(February 2006)
Has the past finally caught up with her? Will love be enough to see her through?
(June 2005)
Will Jake learn to forgive his father--and himself --only to lose his true love...and possibly his life?
(February 2005)
One man and his family make the decision to follow God's will for their lives and free their slaves.
(April 2004)
All they want is to be a family. But one man wants to tear them apart...
(January 2004)
After the Civil War, the daughter of a plantation owner and the daughter of a slave devise a scheme to keep the plantation going -- hiding the fact they are all alone.
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