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Friday, December 02, 2016
Mike Dellosso

Mike Dellosso

Mike Dellosso writes novels of supernatural suspense for both the mind and the soul -- to both entertain and challenge. Mike is also an adjunct professor at Lancaster Bible College and a faculty member at the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer's Conference. Mike lives in Hanover, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Jen, and their three daughters.
Mike Dellosso Follows

Mike Dellosso Follows

(July 5, 2011)
C.J. Darlington
On the heels of his successful novel Darlington Woods, author Mike Dellosso brings us another intriguing tale in Darkness Follows (Realms). The story focuses on Sam Travis, who lives in a Civil War era farmhouse in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. He awakens one morning to find an old journal with an entry by a Union soldier, Lt. Whiting— written in Sam’s own handwriting. “It's suspenseful, mysterious, scary, even creepy,” Dellosso noted in a recent interview, “but after all is said and done, it's a love story.”



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