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Friday, December 09, 2016
Mona Hodgson

Mona Hodgson

Award-winning author Mona Hodgson writes historical romance and children’s books, not to mention short stories, articles, and poems. She speaks regularly at women’s retreats, schools, and conferences throughout the United States and Canada. She lives in Arizona with her husband and has two daughters and four grandchildren. 
E-Only Novella From Mona Hodgson Explores Post-Civil War Missouri

E-Only Novella From Mona Hodgson Explores Post-Civil War Missouri

(February 19, 2013)

For her latest research trip, Mona Hodgson traveled to the charming town of St. Charles, Missouri to explore how the state and its people were changed by the Civil War. In the three-novella series The Quilted Hearts, available exclusively as eBooks, readers will meet the ensemble cast of The St. Charles Quilting Circle, all of whom have loved and lost during the war.

The series follows these women as they look to the future. Who will remain in Missouri? Who will take steps, whether timid or sure, toward a new life elsewhere? In the three novellas, the women wrestle with the affects of a war that tore apart a nation and left many families changed forever. From an abandoned mail-order bride to a shopkeeper’s motherless daughter to a young widow looking for a fresh start, all experience God’s faithfulness and provision as they answer the call to adventure and head west on a wagon train.

The first eNovella in the Quilted Hearts series, Dandelions on the Wind, ( ISBN: 9780307731432) will release February 19, 2013, from WaterBrook Press. Bending Toward the Sun will be available for download April 2, and Ripples Along the Shore on May 21.




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