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Tuesday, December 06, 2016
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Randy Singer

Randy Singer

Randy Singer, an acclaimed author and veteran trial attorney, has penned several legal thrillers, including his award-winning debut novel, Directed Verdict. Randy also serves as a teaching pastor for Trinity Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He also teaches classes in advocacy and ethics at Regent Law School and serves on the school's board of visitors. He and wife Rhonda live in Virginia Beach. They have two grown children. 

Books by Randy Singer

14 book(s)
(May 2014)
The advocate’s first trial altered the course of history. His last will change the fate of an empire.
(May 2013)
During his time in prison, ex-quarterback Landon Reed found forgiveness and faith and earned his law degree. Now he longs for an opportunity to prove his loyalty and worth. Be careful what you ask for...
(September 2012)
A law clerk must race against time to decipher the mysteries contained in the ancient words of Christ before her boss dies defending them.
(February 2012)
To convict the devil, sometimes you have to cut a deal with one of his demons.
(May 2011)
The Government Can Change an Identity -- but It Cannot Change a Life
(September 2010)
A charming, thought-provoking Christmas tale that explores the real reason for the season.
(August 2010)
The story of a lawyer willing to risk it all and the women who must choose between faith and love.
(May 2010)
An attorney must confront the truth about herself and her mysterious client before the darkness of the past swallows them both.
(July 2009)
As two lawyers battle each other in court, they discover that the real fight is with unseen forces intent on controlling them both.
(May 2009)
Confronted with the martyrdom of a Christian missionary, one lawyer stands up to injustice against insurmountable odds.
(May 2009)
When their controversial religious practices lead to personal tragedy, two people face heartbreaking loss, a crisis of faith -- and a charge of negligent homicide.
(May 2008)
A homicide defendant knows that she's neither guilty nor crazy -- but nobody will believe that her knowledge of the crimes derives from dream ...
(March 2006)
A Judge on Trial. His Life on the Line.
(May 2003)
A fight for life. A battle for right. Attorney Mitchell Taylor is trapped in a lose-lose situation.

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