Five years ago tragedy tore them apart…

Forensic anthropologist Maggie Turner happily works as an assistant professor at her local university and lives a quiet life near campus. That is until Jackson Lockhart enters her classroom. Then a cyclone of emotions erupt as she remembers the tragedy that once tore them apart. She’s often thought of him, but they’d agreed never to see each other again and so far they’d kept their promise. But today…Jackson has a good reason for breaking his promise. Maggie’s life depends on it.

Will it now bring them back together?

In an ongoing investigation, Jackson has learned that university officials secretly videoed her classroom in a study on attendance. The recorder was supposed to run only during the class session, but it malfunctioned and recorded an entire week, which includes a shocking murder that has now put Maggie’s life in danger. Can Jackson unravel the lies surrounding this incident before the killer unleashes his fury on Maggie and takes her life?