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Thursday, December 08, 2016
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Azuli Eyes

Azuli Eyes

(February 2012)
by Michelle L. Levigne
Publisher: OakTara
ISBN: 978-1602903111
The colonists on Chorillan had secrets. Their mistake was hiding those secrets from the Scout Corps, especially when children were in danger. Scout Captain Ian Fieran and his team are hunting Gen'gineers-genetic terrorists that decimate entire colonies in the name of "improving" the Human race. When the Scouts land on the planet Chorillan, they plunge into the midst of a deadly mystery. Children are vanishing into the wilderness, driven by a sudden sensory overload that strikes without any way of predicting who could be affected and when. The Azuli, mysterious, sentient creatures, are targeted for destruction. But are they friends, helping the children through the disease of Phase, or enemies, luring innocents away to their death? Miranda Riallon, the daughter of a politically powerful family and a teacher, has been researching Phase, hoping for a cure. But will her discoveries come in time to help Ranny, the orphan she loves and hopes to adopt? And her own brother, who is missing? When Ian and Miranda join forces on a desperate mission to unravel the mystery, they discover more than just a common cause to bind their hearts.



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