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Saturday, December 10, 2016
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Making Marion (Where's Robin Hood When You Need Him?)

Making Marion (Where's Robin Hood When You Need Him?)

(July 2014)
by Beth Moran
Publisher: Lion Fiction
ISBN: 978-1782640998

She had been looking for somewhere to stay, but instead Marion Miller finds herself on the wrong side of the reception desk at the Peace and Pigs campground and, despite her horrible shyness, promptly lands herself a job.

Marion came to Nottinghamshire -- home of Sherwood Forest -- to discover her father's mysterious past, but all she's to go on is a picture of her father dressed up, it would seem, as Robin Hood. Life on a busy campground challenges Marion's formerly controlled life -- the pigs roam free, the resident chickens seem determined to thwart her, and an unfortunate incident with a runaway bike throws her into the arms of the beautiful, but deeply unimpressed, Reuben.

Yet, Marion's would-be boyfriend Jake, and Reuben's stunning fiancée Erica, conspire to leave little room for Marion to daydream about the twinkling eyes of her rescuer ...




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