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Friday, December 09, 2016
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The Armor of God: Welcome to Holsom Volume 4

The Armor of God: Welcome to Holsom Volume 4

(September 2011)
Comics & Animation
Publisher: Influence Resources
ISBN: 9781936699056

When the end comes… who will be left standing?

May the best robot win! The sleepy little town of Holsom is about to become a war zone unless Mouse, Jorge, and ROVER can get home in time to save the day. Unexpected heroes and duplicitous friends collide in a final, fateful showdown!

Collecting the best-selling comic book series for the first time in four trade paperback volumes, this is your chance to join Mouse, Shelby, Lucy, and Jorge as they struggle with real-life issues such as bullying, honesty, peer pressure, and faith. Not to mention that pesky giant robot business.





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