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Sunday, December 04, 2016
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The Gifted (The Daegmon War Trilogy)

The Gifted (The Daegmon War Trilogy)

(August 2014)
by Matthew Dickerson
Publisher: Living Ink Books
ISBN: 978-0899575384

The centuries-old war against the Daegmon Lord has been dormant for generations and knowledge of the Gifts (powers of healing, of supernatural knowledge, and of strength over demonic foes) has faded into dim folklore.

When one of the Daegmons suddenly returns to wage war against the All-Maker and his people, only one small band, led by a young Westwash woman named Elynna and an Andani hunter-guide, rises up against the terrible foe. But they are few, and only a handful of them number among the Gifted. When their own king and his armies turn against the them, all seems lost for the company. Only Thimeon’s faith in the All-Maker and in the Holy Mountain sustains the faithful few.




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