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Wednesday, December 07, 2016
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The Mistaken Heiress (Heartsong Presents)

The Mistaken Heiress (Heartsong Presents)

(April 2014)
by Shelba Shelton Nivens
Publisher: Love Inspired
ISBN: 978-0373487073

Kate plans to start a landscaping business on the property her beloved grandfather promised would be hers. So when she encounters a mysterious stranger who insists he owns her inheritance fair and square, she can't let it go without a fight. No matter how attractive he is.

Steve Adams is taken with the beautiful setting, a perfect place to build a home for troubled kids. But he didn't expect a flame-haired beauty to claim the place, or his affections. When Kate decides to give up her claim for the kids, can Steve convince her that everything he has is hers, now and forever?




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