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Sunday, December 04, 2016
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The Mockingbird's Call

The Mockingbird's Call

(April 2010)
by Diane Ashley & Aaron McCarver
Publisher: Heartsong Presents
ISBN: 978-1602607699
Amelia Montgomery never would have planned to become a notorious agent on the Underground Railroad; it just happened. Someone needed help, and she helped. Before she knew it, she had acquired the code name Mockingbird, and the whole Confederate army was looking for her -- including her brand new fiancé, Captain Luke Talbot.

Jared Stuart finds himself torn between his convictions and his duty as a Tennesseean. While he can no longer support slavery, he will not fight against his friends and neighbors. Instead, Jared chooses to use his talents as a writer to prove the pen is mightier than the sword.

When Luke arrests Jared, accusing him of being the Mockingbird, Amelia must face herself and make difficult decisions. Will she admit to her actions, freeing Jared and destroying her own engagement, or will she play it safe and stay silent?



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