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Thursday, December 08, 2016
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There's Always Tomorrow (Heartsong Presents)

There's Always Tomorrow (Heartsong Presents)

(April 2013)
by Darlene Mindrup
Publisher: Love Inspired
ISBN: 978-0373486526

Everyone took notice of the handsome lighthouse keeper when he visited the mainland. Especially shopkeeper's daughter Adrella Murphy. But the enigmatic man never said a word to anyone. When Adrella is stranded with him on an isolated island during a storm, will she give up her dreams of true love and marry him to save her reputation?

As a doctor in the Civil War, Dathan Adams saw too much suffering, and he withdrew from the world to his beloved lighthouse. Now a hurricane forces a spirited Irish lass into his care. To stay alive, he must set aside his solitude and work side by side with Adrella. When her strength and faith erode his defenses, a tragedy might just yield unexpected love.




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