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Friday, May 27, 2016
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Below find titles from Christian authors that fall into the category of Young-Adult fiction (YA), also sometimes referred to as Teen or Juvenile fiction. Christian YA/Teen Fiction includes stories from several genres, including Amish, historical, suspense, mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, speculative, romance and contemporary fiction. Just click on any of the titles below to learn more about each title and watch the book trailer (if available).
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(November 2016)
Now That Glade, Selah's Protecting Force, Is Gone, the Hunt Is On to Capture Her...
(July 2016)
Sir Randel dreams of protecting the innocent as a knight. Joining a crusade to escape humiliation at home, he finds himself drawn to Rosalind of Ipsworth as they partner to train and protect a group of young adolescents...
(June 2016)
'Duck Dynasty' star Sadie Robertson offers a fun novel about two teen girls from different backgrounds and opposite lifestyles who discover there is more to friendship than meets the eye.
(May 2016)
By day, fifteen-year-old Simon pushes against the government's control. And by night, secret visitors and hidden messages make him question everything his life entails...
(April 2016)
Levi has refused to speak since the tragic death of his girlfriend. While at therapy, he meets a girl who eerily reminds him of someone he lost...
(March 2016)
The king is growing old and concerned about who'll replace him. His new wife wants to produce an heir to the throne. But thirteen years ago, the king’s first wife gave birth to a son, and no one knows for sure what happened to him...
(March 2016)
A young medieval maiden stands up for the rights of the mistreated, stealing from the rich to give to the poor. But she never anticipated falling in love with the wealthy knight who represents all she's come to despise...
(March 2016)
In the third and final volume of the Remnants series—Season of Glory—the power of the Remnants and their people are growing, threatening Pacifica’s careful plans for domination.
(March 2016)
Fleeing the scorched landscape of Tulla, Nym's storm-summoning abilities are returning--but the dark power is still inside her...
(February 2016)
To fight what others can’t, you must see what others don’t.
(January 2016)
This time, there’s no escape from The Realm...
(January 2016)
Cantor, Dukmee, and Bixby face their greatest challenge yet: rescuing the nine realms from the tyranny of Errd Tos, whose influence over the Realm Walkers Guild has grown even stronger.
(January 2016)
The third and final book in The Chronotrace Sequence brings the series to its thrilling conclusion as threats long thought buried are resurrected from across the vagaries of time and space.
(October 2015)
What has made Selah new could also drive her to a life of madness ...
(October 2015)
The last time Timothy broke a rule, he got suspended. But when he defies the faery empress, it might well get him killed.
(September 2015)
Tournaments, intrigue, and battles -- along with twists and turns aplenty -- await these two as they struggle to find love, identity, and their true destinies.
(September 2015)
While Prince Valerian adjusts to marriage as well as his new title, conspiracy brews in the south among disgruntled lords who wish to separate from the north.
(August 2015)
With the “profound sense of Southern spirituality” he is known for (Publishers Weekly), Billy Coffey draws us into a town where good and evil—and myth and reality—intertwine in unexpected ways.
(August 2015)
To get to the girl he loves, Riley Kane must head off on a road trip with the father he never knew. Then pray for a miracle.
(August 2015)
The shadow of war. A clash of brothers. A terrible sacrifice. In the face of powerful darkness, who will prevail?
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