Davey and Goliath

is a time-honored claymation cartoon series that brings moral and faith-based values to children in lively and engaging ways. Treasured by animation and nostalgia fans around the world, this series is back to win the hearts of a new generation of children with a special 50th anniversary DVD set.

Volume 3 features six entertaining episodes that explore the topics of faith, love, honor, and respect from the perspectives of a boy named Davey and his talking dog Goliath. This DVD contains “The Silver Mine” and “A Sudden Storm,” two of creator Art Clokey’s favorite episodes, as well as “Boy Lost,” an episode in which Davey lags behind and is separated from his dad at a carnival. Though he’s frightened, Davey is sure his father will find him. Additional adventures include “Pilgrim Boy,” “Ten Pin Alley,” and “Bell Ringer.”

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