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Saturday, December 03, 2016
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Davey and Goliath: Snowboard Christmas

Davey and Goliath: Snowboard Christmas

(September 2011)
Comics & Animation
In this action-packed holiday special, Davey and his talking dog, Goliath, embark on an exciting snowboarding adventure filled with dazzling maneuvers and moral lessons. Not only does Davey discover the true meaning of Christmas, but he also learns to understand and respect people's differences. Then, Davey becomes friends with Sam and Yasmeen, but he puts them all in danger when he makes an unwise decision that even Goliath may not be able to reverse.

Digitally remastered for the show's 50th anniversary DVD release, this expanded episode features several favorite faces like Davey's parents, his sister, Sally, and his best friends, Jonathan and Cisco, as well as a few new characters, including Ranger Ava and a group of animal pals for Goliath.



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