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Sunday, December 04, 2016
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Genesis 7 - Episode Three: Unexpected Return

Genesis 7 - Episode Three: Unexpected Return

(October 2012)
After an explosion near the sun wounds Donton and the craft, Genesis Command orders the crew home for an Unexpected Return. Back on Earth, Admiral Croft and his daughter, Aurelia, discover a suspicious mechanical part that may have triggered the craft's malfunction. While Donton tends to his injuries, Enoch swings by a friend's garage to pick up his prized Corvette and escort Lt. Abigail Jennings on a surprise picnic. The excitement builds as Enoch, Donton, and Priscilla prepare for the next leg of their mission, a trip to Venus, where Donton will undock "Little G" and touch down on the surface to collect samples. Re-boarding their repaired craft is bittersweet, but as Enoch reminds Abigail, "God is in control, and He is good in everything."

An imaginative series told in the tradition of The Magic School Bus, Genesis 7 combines suspenseful plots and computer animation to explore the solar system with a Christian worldview. Unexpected Return includes bonus educational materials and the inspiring message that all things are possible with God!




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