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Friday, December 02, 2016
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Genesis 7 - Episode Two: Journey to the Sun

Genesis 7 - Episode Two: Journey to the Sun

(September 2012)
Following their maiden voyage to the moon, the Genesis 7 crew powers up for a Journey to the Sun. On this second mission, Captain Enoch, Lt. Donton, and Priscilla prepare to launch a solar probe into the sun to measure each layer's temperature, density, activity, and energy output. However, just as the probe touches the sun's core and collects the necessary data to transmit to Lt. Jennings at Genesis Command, a sudden impact knocks out the craft's systems, circuits, and Donton. Drifting dangerously close to the sun's gravitational force, the flight crew sweats to restore power to the craft before they pass the escape velocity threshold and go beyond the point of no return.

In the tradition of The Magic School Bus, Genesis 7 is a fun and educational children's series that combines suspenseful plots, computer animation, and bonus educational materials with the inspiring message that that all things are possible with God.




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