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Tuesday, December 06, 2016
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20,000 bloggers 'catch' BookSneeze

20,000 bloggers 'catch' BookSneeze

(January 24, 2011)
Press Release
(Nashville, Tenn.) In October 2008, Thomas Nelson launched a revolutionary new program mobilizing bloggers around the world to share reviews of the company’s latest products, Thomas Nelson Book Review Bloggers. The response was tremendous. In the first fourteen months, 7,500 bloggers signed on to read and review Nelson products.

A year ago, Thomas Nelson launched The redesigned and rebranded site, inspired by Seth Godin’s Unleashing the Idea Virus, built on what worked with Thomas Nelson Book Review bloggers, free books in exchange for a fair review.

Today, the program has a rich database of influencers of  20000 bloggers who are consuming our products and unabashedly sharing their thoughts, good or bad, with their friends, family, and online communities.

“BookSneeze has been an invaluable resource for us,” said Michael Hyatt., chief executive officer of Thomas Nelson. “Good or bad, we know firsthand what consumers are saying about our products. And we are using this information to inform our publishing decisions.”

Any blogger can register to be a BookSneeze Blogger. In exchange for committing to read the book, to write a 200+word review, and to post it on their blog and on or another consumer website, BookSneeze Bloggers receive free copies of select titles. For more information about BookSneeze including information on how to become a BookSneeze Blogger, visit




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