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Thursday, December 08, 2016
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Blue Like Jazz Movie: They're Jazzed

Blue Like Jazz Movie: They're Jazzed

(June 27, 2012)
C.J. Darlington
Donald Miller’s NY Times bestseller Blue Like Jazz has finally made it to the big screen. After a record-breaking, fan-based, grassroots campaign raised $345,000 and saved the film, director Steve Taylor and cinematographer Ben Pearson made the movie on a shoestring budget of 1.3 million. Miller recently talked about how they transformed a nonfiction book into a movie, not a documentary. “We understood the book could not be turned into a film as it was,” he says. “We had to fictionalize a story based on the essays that are in the book so it would be thematic and there would be some central characters.” The DVD release is expected in August.



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