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Gabriel's Messenger goes into production with 'The Investigator'

Gabriel's Messenger goes into production with 'The Investigator'

(December 8, 2011)
TAMPA, Fla., Dec. 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Gabriel's Messenger Films announced it has initiated production on The Investigator, a film inspired by true events about a veteran detective who becomes a high school baseball coach, leading him to the most important investigation of his life.

A film designed to encourage hope and uplift families in difficult times, The Investigator features an experienced team of production executives, cast, and crew. Leading the cast is Wade Williams, playing the role of James and who, although new to acting, is an accomplished musician. David Sanborn, star from stage roles in West Side Story, The Miracle, and his one-man show King David, takes the role of James' brother Paul.

Written by Richard Romano and inspired by true events in his life, the film's director is Curtis Graham, best known for his work on Misconceptions and The Glass Window, and the producer and casting director is Nicole Abisinio, recipient of numerous awards for Prime Of Your Life and known for her work in Broken Flowers. The crew includes editor Dan O'Brien (To Save a Life), costume designer Dana Campbell (Dancing with the Stars and Dear John), and camera operator Bob Scott (Fireproof and Facing the Giants).

The Investigator will complete production in February, 2012. Gabriel's Messenger Films is dedicated to sharing uplifting family friendly content, with an emphasis on inspiring true events.

Synopsis: Twenty year veteran investigator Sergeant James Buanacore starts the most important investigation of his life when a drug bust goes tragically bad. The death of the apparent suspect forces James out of the job he loves and into retirement.

When James' wife Stephanie has a miscarriage, he is devastated and begins to wonder about and question his previously strong faith. Depressed and angry, James isolates himself until his brother helps him get an interview and he takes a job at the local Christian High School as a part time criminal justice teacher and baseball coach.

With his cop mentality challenging his students, James struggles through experiences with an unsupportive principal, a youth pastor with a secret, and rebellious students. But when his best option seems to be quitting, a student challenges him to begin the investigation that will change his life, and those of his students, forever.




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