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Thursday, December 08, 2016
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Jacqueline Busch: Progression of a Classic

Jacqueline Busch: Progression of a Classic

(September 19, 2012)
Ben Avery

As a children’s minister, Jacqueline Busch, author of Christian’s Quest (Lift Every Voice Books), saw a problem. “Often the children could say the right words to questions about the Christian faith, but they ... seemed not to have depth or a full or correct understanding of the concepts.”

She found her solution in the classic Christian novel Pilgrim’s Progress. “What better way to reach children with the greatest news ever told then through story?” Busch explains—but she faced one more hurdle. “Many of the words are outdated or used differently now,” she says.

The result was Christian’s Quest, a modern retelling of the classic story, with illustrations by Melvin Patterson that, “allow urban kids of every race and background to read about Christianity in a way that they can relate to.”




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