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Saturday, December 03, 2016
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Marcher Lord Madness

Marcher Lord Madness

(March 14, 2011)
Katie Hart

Marcher Lord Press is bursting with news this season.

Most timely is the April lineup of novels: The conclusion to Jill Williamson’s epic Blood of Kings trilogy, From Darkness Won; Hero in Hiding, the sequel to Mitchell Bonds’ Hero, Second Class; and the special annotated three-in-one version of Kathy Tyers’ beloved Firebird trilogy. Marcher Lord has also acquired the rights to re-release two more award-winning speculative series: Oxygen and The Fifth Man by Randy Ingermanson and John Olsen, and the Sword of Lyric series by Sharon Hinck. “While it’s great to get the books back in print,” notes Sharon, “I’m especially excited about adding some bonus scenes, behind-the-scenes notes, and other surprise features that will make the new editions extra special.”




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