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Saturday, December 10, 2016
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Below you'll find the latest news about new fiction book and movie releases and other happenings with your favorite Christian authors. We bring you up to date with news about all the major fiction genres including Amish, historical, suspense, speculative, romance, contemporary, young adult, children's and comics. Just click on any of the titles below to read the full news item.
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(January 7, 2011)
The author receives a literary award, and is working on an exclusive ebook
(January 5, 2011)
Randall Wallace's novel, a contemporary drama about a grieving young doctor’s journey to recover his unique surgical skills, is scheduled for summer of 2011
Press Release
(January 4, 2011)
Bloggers award created to "highlight the very best in literature that grapples with expressions of the Christian faith."
Rel Mollet
(January 3, 2011)
Colleen Coble, Kristin Billerbeck, Denise Hunter, Diann Hunt to write about same fictional Vermont town
(January 2, 2011)
After a short departure, Tim Downs has just started writing another novel featuring beloved the forensic entomologist.
(December 31, 2010)
The author has signed on with Steeple Hill for her next romantic suspense novel
(December 20, 2010)
Theatrical adaptation of Lewis novel about spiritual warfare on multi-city tour in 2011
(December 16, 2010)
Prequel to 'Levi’s Will' inspired by conversation author had with his father about the place of his father’s birth.
(December 8, 2010)
Long-running comic strip to appear in eight-page story in new comic book
(December 1, 2010)
Author goal is to write what she loves to read—which includes adventure and spiritual truth.
(November 2, 2010)
The author's entry into Amish fiction was inspired by a visit to the Amish community in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
(November 2, 2010)
All proceeds from The Sending will go toward the author's return to Africa for full-time ministry
(November 2, 2010)
The author's eery Darlington Woods has been optioned for film
(November 2, 2010)
The author makes the most of the awkwardness when a hasty marriage between a Texas farmer and a perfume maker loses its shine.
(November 2, 2010)
The author woke up crying when her latest hero came to her in a dream
(November 1, 2010)
The author's scriptwriting experience led to her writing a graphic novel about the martyr Perpetua
(November 1, 2010)
The author's Paradise Valley details the drama of an Amish family seeking sanctuary in the wilds of 1921 Mexico.
(November 1, 2010)
With more than 25 books published, Lyn Cote continues to provide readers with historical stories of hope and courage.
(November 1, 2010)
Travis Thrasher and wife Sharon welcome twins into the Thrasher clan
(November 1, 2010)
In college, the author was intrigued that some classmates became stuntmen—and now she’s turned that fascination into a novel
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