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Stephanie Perry Moore: Destination London

Stephanie Perry Moore: Destination London

(November 2, 2011)
Ben Avery
Stephanie Perry Moore is known for writing many young adult book series, mainly for girl readers. But in teaming with husband Derrick Moore, a former NFL player who now serves on staff with FCA, the Moores have crafted a new series for boys: The Alec London Series. Like many boys, Alec London faces challenges in his home and school life. The first two books of the series see Alec deal with a mother who leaves home, a grandmother who has a heart attack, a cousin who is a bully, and problems with kids at school. But through it all, Alec is also learning about God, the Bible and how it can help with his modern-day problems. Each book also contains exercises, allowing readers to expand their English and math skills in addition to their moral problem solving skills.



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