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Saturday, December 10, 2016

2012 Create Romance


Semi-Finalist (Top 20)

When I first stumbled upon his blog I couldn't believe a man could write with such passion for the Lord while expressing his love for literature, the downtrodden, and the confused. His blog name was “F's Ramblings” and he wanted to encourage people to walk in purity as they sought God’s purpose for their lives. The way he put things into words flowed like a mountain stream and sounded like a bluebird on a summer day. Something about his profile picture drew me in—and it wasn't just his attractiveness. Although I must admit the chocolate-drop eyes and pearly white smile lured me back to his blog often.

One day he wrote a post to all the single people out there who were aching to find the one God had for them and he encouraged them to keep trusting God and wait for his best. He said he was single too and needed all the encouragement anyone cared to offer.

I took his words to heart. In fact, I chewed on those words for a day or two. Then I decided to post an anonymous comment letting him know how deeply his words affected me. I wasn't flirting. At least I told myself I wasn't. I didn't expect him to reply so I went on about my day and walked my Collie. The rain that fell on me made me feel clean, just like his words of encouragement.

When I came in from my walk, I checked my email and I had a notification that he'd responded. I was shaking as I clicked the link that led me to his response. What did he say?...that my words had blessed him and my transparency was refreshing. We chatted back and forth on the site for a few hours. At the end of our chat he asked for my email address so we could talk privately.
I learned his name was Fitz, named after F. Scott Fitzgerald. His parents loved classic literature and had passed more than just the name of a famous writer down to him. He also had the gift of the pen.

Fitz. The name rolled off my tongue. When I told him my name was Esther, he said Esther was his favorite book of the Bible. I've never had a man like my name. When he asked my age I cringed. What if I was too young? Or too old? I couldn't tell how old he was by his picture. So I told him I was twenty-five, and he said he was twenty-seven. I relaxed.

Until he wanted to see my photo. I knew how awesome he looked, even with the tiny crow's feet that etched a path beneath his eyes. Would he be able to see past my slightly crooked eyebrow and the scar on my cheek from my car accident? As I waited for his response to my picture, I wondered how tall he was. Every guy who has ever liked me has been too short for me.

I waited. And waited. And waited. Then he replied with a beautiful compliment about my auburn hair, the sparkle in my blue eyes, and the smile that invited him into my world. Kill me now! My heart could not take it! Was he for real? Well, of course he was. After all, he lived in Ocean View, Delaware—over seven hundred miles away, clear on the other side of the country. Just my luck.

We somehow managed to end our emails at 2:00 a.m. and I figured I wouldn't hear from him again. But the next day he linked with me on all the social network sites, and I began thoroughly stalking this man who could not possibly be real.

He was the real deal all right. He seemed to be everything I had ever wanted in a man. It just didn't seem fair that he lived so far away. No one would believe he could possibly be interested in me. I convinced myself that he just thought of me as a fan, an everyday groupie.

About a week later, after we had talked via email and all the other online connections we had about everything from our childhoods to our salvation experiences to our work history, he said he wanted to meet me. He was flying to Atlanta in two days and would arrive at noon. He hoped I would meet him for coffee. Coffee? I would meet him for coffee, lunch, dinner, and dessert, too.

My friends thought I was crazy but I didn't care. They said there were plenty of good guys around Atlanta. But I wanted more than just a good guy. I was ready to cast my pole in a new pond. Besides, spring was in the air. Flowers blossomed and so did hope in my heart.

The moment our eyes met I knew Jesus lived in his heart! I cannot explain the fire that ran from my head to my toes when he hugged me and placed a peck on my cheek. It's like he had healing powers. And he was tall!

We sat and drank coffee and nibbled on snacks for five hours until he had to board his return plane. We both wept when he walked off into the security line. I wanted to buy a ticket just so I could stay with him longer.

That night he called me. Yes, I gave him my number. He called every night, and two weeks later he returned to meet my parents and best friend. They loved him! A month later I flew to meet his parents. They loved me!

In my suitcase I found a note with a beautiful handwritten quote from This Side of Paradise by Fitzgerald. “There is a moment—Oh, just before the first kiss, a whispered word—something that makes it worthwhile.” He said my heart blessed him.

That note won my heart and I married him six months later.
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