Heather Buchta
Beyond the Break

YA/Teen author Heather Buchta ‘s new book, Beyond the Break is set to release on June 2nd. She has her National Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and she directed youth ministry programs and confirmation classes for both Catholic and Protestant churches. In addition to her church work, she taught high school English for a decade in South Central LA. Today, she is a part-time youth pastor for The Rock Covenant Church.

Book Synopsis:
• Manhattan Beach-native Lovette has two rules in life. One: no surfing. Not after her brother’s accident. Two: absolutely, no dating.
• And going into her junior year of high school, she’s pretty happy with that arrangement. She has friends, her church youth group, and God to fall back on when things get dicey.
• But after Jake Evans walks into her life, following these two simple rules gets a lot more complicated. Jake is the boy from Lovette’s childhood who grew up. Handsome and sweet, he unlocks the part of Lovette that wants nothing more than to surf the waves again.
• As their relationship grows, she begins to question what it means to be faithful: to her family, to God, but mostly, to herself.

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