Sure, the story takes place on Christmas Eve, and the main characters are still Jacob and Marlee, but Gary Chapman and Chris Fabry’s riff on the classic A Christmas Carol is a heartfelt new take on the story we all know and love.

While the lyrics of many a Christmas carol speak of “good tidings” and “peace on earth, good will to men,” it’s quite the opposite experience for the protagonists in Gary Chapman and Chris Fabry’s A Marriage Carol.

In fact, the Jacob and Marlee in A Marriage Carol (last name, Ebenezer, naturally) are on the verge of divorce after two decades together. While en route to their lawyer’s office to get the paperwork started, however, a fight about the best way to get there eventually leads them down a very strange but meaningful path.

After a topsy-turvy trip to a place they’ve never seen before, Jacob and Marlee not only get to reflect on the many good times they’ve enjoyed as a couple, but they have a rare opportunity to figure out what went so very wrong and why their marriage is still worth saving.

“Rather than using the ghosts of marriage past, present and future, we decided to use the motif of show and the power of choices,” Chris explains. “Snowflakes represent those daily decisions we make that draw us closer or push us away from our spouse. Accumulations either separate us or help us bond.”

Still following a similar structure as Dickens’ famed work, A Marriage Carol is ultimately a timely reminder that marriage vows should not only be taken very seriously, but even the worst relationships aren’t beyond repair.

“For many marriages, Christmas is a time of stress,” says Gary. “Our focus is enriching marriages. I’m hoping many couples find time to read this short story and come away with hope. The challenge is to realize the power of choice. Hopefully, reflection on the past, present and future will help couples make wise choices.”

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About The Author

Chris Fabry has published more than 65 other books, including novels for children and young adults. His first novel for adults, Dogwood, received the 2009 Christy Award in the Contemporary Standalone category. He coauthored the Left Behind: The Kids series with Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye, as well as the Red Rock Mysteries and the Wormling series with Jenkins. RPM, his latest series for kids, explores the exciting world of NASCAR.