In our hustle-bustle world where the latest technology means we’re now wired in more than ever, sometimes the Amish existence can seem nothing short of idyllic.

But after watching a documentary about an ex-Amish man who helped other dissatisfied youth escape the clutches of the Old Order lifestyle, author Alice J. Wisler knew she had to write Still Life in Shadows (River North).

“Too much Amish idealism isn’t healthy nor is it biblical,” Alice shares. “I want readers to experience another side to the Amish as well as another side to our human condition—the need to belong, to be accepted, and to forgive, especially ourselves.”

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About The Author

Alice J. Wisler is an author, public speaker, advocate, and fundraiser. She has been a guest on several radio and TV programs to promote her cookbooks Slices of Sunlight and Down the Cereal Aisle. She graduated from Eastern Mennonite University and has traveled the country in jobs that minister to people. Alice was raised in Japan and currently resides in Durham, North Carolina.