After taking a trampoline class in college, Angela Ruth was intrigued that some of her classmates went on to become stuntmen—and now she’s turned that fascination into her novel Love Finds You in Sun Valley, Idaho (Summerside Press). Actress Emily Van Arsdale returns to her hometown to film a movie and meets rafting guide and stunt consultant Tracen Lake. Tracen doesn’t think much of “Hollywood types” but Emily may just change his mind. Angela took a few rafting trips as practical research for the novel. “The times I flew out of the raft were not orchestrated ahead of time,” she says, “but they were great research for the stuntwork Emily has to do in my book.”

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About The Author

Angela Ruth is a published author who works as a group fitness instructor and cheerleading coach when she’s not writing. She has three children and lives in Boise, Idaho.