Bethany thinks her friend
Annabelle was killed because of what she learned about a rumored
first-century Christian artifact. What Bethany doesn’t know is that
Annabelle died in the crossfire between two shadowy organizations that
have been doing battle for centuries. The Wilderness, wealthy and vast,
is dedicated to the destruction of all religious faith. The Garden, a
group of seven members led by a man they call the Builder, carries on a
grim, secret struggle to protect the church. Only a few in the Garden
realize that there’s more at stake than the artifact the Wilderness is

But as Bethany discovers that she’s a tiny part of a larger
war, can she trust the Builder to save her? Or will he sacrifice her for
the sake of the cause?

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About The Author

A. L. Shields is a pseudonym for Stephen L. Carter, author of seven acclaimed works of nonfiction and five bestselling novels. He is the William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Law at Yale, where for over thirty years he has taught courses on law and religion, intellectual property, contracts, professional responsibility, lying and secrets, and the ethics of warfare. He has received eight honorary degrees. He and his wife Enola G. Aird have two children.

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