In the second grade, Madison Thompson fell in love with the boy next door. But Jordan Sanders never really noticed her. Oh, he used to tease her over her good grades. And in high school he and his friends made fun of her. But he never gave her the attention for which her heart yearned. In reality, he broke her heart. But now Jordan and Maddy are all grown up. Maddy is back home after graduating from college … and Jordan still lives next door. Maybe this time she can make him notice her …

Over the years, God has changed Jordan. Maddy can see the difference in his life, and she can’t help falling in love all over again. But can Maddy learn those things that make a woman attractive as a wife? Will cooking classes bring Maddy and Jordan closer, or only lead her down a new path of disappointment?

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About The Author

Aisha Ford is a bestselling author of several books, including full-length fiction, novellas, and educational fiction and non-fiction.

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