With their quest for the Scorpion’s Jewel at an end, Jesse, Rae and Silas return to rescue their injured friend, Parvel, only to find he has been kidnapped by the Rebellion. While trying to evade the Patrol, who threaten their very lives, this time the Youth Guard’s journey leads to the mountains, where they are taken captive by a dwarf. Underground the young warriors discover a lost civilization, and a new friend with vital information to help them on their way. But the Rebellion headquarters are hidden within a dangerous maze of tunnels in another mountain, and accessible only by solving a series of riddles. Will Jesse and his friends discover the secret to the Rebellion’s tunnels and reach Parvel before it is too late? Or will they be doomed to dwell in darkness forever?

“The Amarias Adventures” are centered around Jesse, a young teenage boy who lives with his aunt and uncle in the world of Amarias. A tyrant king lords over the Amarian people, some of which have banded together to form the Rebellion against their ruler. Things are not easy in a land of constant upheaval, but this environment spurs Jesse to move beyond his self-doubts and physical infirmities as his faith is tested and refined.

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About The Author

Amy Green wrote her fantasy series because her sister, an elementary teacher, and the jr. high students in her youth group complained that there weren’t many Christian books for kids. Since writing the Amarias Adventures, she has worked as a freelance writer, editor, and book marketer, and realized she enjoys aspects of them all. She is a graduate from Taylor University and currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

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