The year is 1848, and Kristin Eikaas has traveled from Norway to Wisconsin with dreams of a new life. But when she arrives, she finds one disappointment after another. Worse, her superstitious uncle
now believes that his neighbor’s Oneida Indian wife has put a curse on
Kristin. Everyone knows the Sundbergs put spells on people … everyone except Kristin.

Kristin’s run-ins with Sam Sundberg only prove that he is a
good man from a Christian family. But when her uncle discovers she’s
been associating with Sam, his temper flares. To escape his wrath,
Kristin gratefully accepts a job as the Sundbergs’ house girl, finding
solace at the family’s spinning wheel.
In the time Sam and Kristin spend together, their friendship develops into much more,
and Sam prays about a match between them. But opposition threatens to
derail their newfound love. Will they have the courage to stand up for
what is right, even against their own families?