Aurora Rose Norquest is different from her
neighbors, different from most people. Still single at thirty-five, she
spends every hour of her days and nights in an elegant Manhattan
apartment, quietly caring for her invalid mother.

Then her
mother dies, and Aurora’s world spins on its axis. Reality shatters into
startlingly realistic nightmares, and the shards of troubling memories
slice into her sleep. Everything Aurora has believed about herself and
her world fades into murky dreams that will not let her rest. Something,
someone is pursuing Aurora–growing more threatening by the day,
testing the limits of her sanity.

Will she find the courage to
confront her unseen pursuer? Or will she surrender to the destructive
melancholy that haunts her days and nights? What will it take to satisfy
the relentless intruder whose voice presses her toward The Awakening?