Newspaper columnist Peyton MacGruder is warned that her column is failing. She’s given
three weeks to change either her approach or her job.

PanWorld Flight 848, en route from New York to Tampa, bursts into flame and crashes in
Tampa Bay. All 261 people aboard are killed. For a week Peyton and her
fellow reporters cover the nation’s worst air disaster with numbed
emotions. Then all try to move on.

Peyton is wondering how to attract readers when a woman approaches and hands
her a plastic bag that had washed up behind her house. It contains a note,
almost certainly from the doomed flight, with a simple message: “T — I
love you. All is forgiven. Dad.” Combing through the passenger list to find the victims whose children’s
names begin with T, Peyton is determined to deliver the note to its
proper owner. A quest which will prove as important to Peyton’s own life
as to the mysterious “T”.