Caught up in a whirlwind of religious fervor when two missionaries
speak at her church, Alyce Benson impetuously pledges three thousand
dollars to mission work in Africa. She’s certain her wealthy father will
simply hand her the money. But when he refuses, she must either stand
up in front of the congregation and admit failure, or raise the money

When Alyce discovers her father’s
company has sponsored a racing car that will compete in races in which the driver could win as much as
five thousand dollars in prize money, she conspires with her father’s
mechanic, Webster, to secretly train and compete.

But as Alyce comes across needs in her own community, money slips
through her fingers faster than she can earn it. And when her friends
cast aspersions on Webster’s past, she believes she might have trusted
the wrong man with her secret. Will Alyce come up with the money in
time, or will she have to choose between her promise and the man who
holds a piece of her heart?

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About The Author

Anne Mateer is a three-time Genesis Contest finalist who has long had a passion for history and historical fiction. She and her husband live near Dallas, Texas, and are the parents of three young adults.

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