He used to call me his son. Now he calls me his prisoner. The nightmare started six years ago when Shakir made the decision to leave home after his Muslim father had threatened to take his life. Chilling memories haunt his mind night after night. The pain of living in an underground hideout with his wife and a small group of Christians only intensifies the fear. Still, he believes that after six years of running, living underground may be the only place in which he can stay alive. The young 18-year-old didn’t realize that the fight for his life had only just begun. After a surprise attack, Shakir, his wife Jakira, and two American Christians are taken to a prison owned by Shakir’s own father. There they are forced to endure imprisonment, torture, starvation, and constant attacks on their faith from radical Muslims whose greatest desire is to see them destroyed. When their faith is pushed to the edge and their will to live is deteriorating with every tortuous beating, will they break under the pressure or choose to give their all for Christ — even to the point of death? Alone … Betrayed … Forgotten … But faith in God never can be broken.

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About The Author

Ashley Williams is a full-time student at Walters State College working toward a degree in journalism. Since age 15, she has felt the call of God strongly upon her life to write books that glorify His name. She regularly participates in outreaches, teaches preschool and children's classes, operates the sound system for praise and worship services, and writes devotional articles for her church's bulletin.

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