A remote island shrouded in heavy mist and cloaked in secrecy… Thirteen years ago, Siggy Gamble ran away from home, never to be found–until his body washes ashore on the tiny island of Winter Haven off the coast of Maine. Now his sister, Vera, travels north to claim the body and finds herself tangled in the impossible. Her brother hasn’t aged a day since last she saw him. Determined to uncover the cause of Siggy’s mysterious end, Vera soon learns there are many secrets haunting the island–tales of lost colonies, a witch bent on revenge, and a towering forest where no creature dares to live. Hemmed in by unearthly fog and distrusted by the locals, Vera’s only ally is the owner of a grand but dilapidated mansion poised on a rocky cliff. Will her desperate questions find answers, or will Winter Haven claim yet one more dark legend?

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About The Author

Athol Dickson's novels are known for their richly evocative settings, unforgettable characters, intense suspense, and pervasive sense of "magical realism." He is a three-time winner of the prestigious Christy Award -- for his novels River Rising, (2006), The Cure (2008) and Lost Mission (2010). Athol and wife Sue live in California.

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