Someone’s taking stunning new photos of the surface of Mars. But who—or what?

The world’s gone crazy. Terrorists launch a crippling strike against the United States, a beguiling holy man utters prophecies of alien encounters, and someone—or something—is beaming unexplained images from Mars to Earth. And all John Wells and the space station crew can do is watch it unfold—and pray their loved ones are spared.

With a sophisticated alien culture seemingly confirmed on the Red Planet, a disorganized U.S. government struggles to formulate its next steps. Caught in a web of politics, torn by family commitments, and called to serve not only his country but his God, John Wells must take a giant step for mankind.

The Evidence, first in a series that changed the face of “futurist” stories in the Christian fiction genre.

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About The Author

Austin Boyd writes extensively about faith issues related to technology and business. He published more than two dozen technical articles and papers during his career as a Navy pilot, NASA astronaut finalist and spacecraft engineer. He's a Christy Gold Medal finalist (The Proof, 2007) and winner of the Mount Hermon “Pacesetter Award.” Austin is employed at an engineering and design firm in Huntsville, Alabama. He is active in local ministry.

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