Dan Branson has become the owner of the Triple Peaks cattle ranch. Answering the Lord’s call, Dan flies to Argentina to assist the Mandera family.

The Mandera family are fourth-generation owners of 20,000 acres of grazing land in central Argentina. Their son, Don Diego, is not a Christian and has formed an alliance with an international cartel. The cartel has used threats, murder and violence in their attempts to take over the Mandera’s ranch. The cartel’s ruthless actions have taken the lives of two of the ranch’s gauchos, as well as critically wounding the ranch’s owner, Armando. The Manderas became desperate to locate a Christian leader to round up and bring their herd in from their summer range.

The cartel spares nothing in their efforts to stop Dan from helping the Manderas. Upon his arrival in Buenos Aires, he is confronted with attempts to compromise his Christian testimony. Additionally, his flight to the Mandera ranch in a small Cessna aircraft becomes challenging when the pilot, wearing a parachute, jumps from the aircraft. The intriguing story and the completion of Dan’s mission are supported by the intervention and assistance of God’s angels.

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Ben Rolphe spent over fifty years of his life as an entrepreneur. He has written and lectured on the techniques of advertising and marketing products and services. As a former rancher, he became an excellent horseman and experienced trail rider, and has experienced the challenges of farming along with the risks of ranging cattle. His writing, both autobiographical and fictional, reflect many of the locations and experiences of his life. Ben and his wife live in North Idaho.

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