Dan Branson, an Air Force veteran of the Gulf War, is attracted by a bright light flashing from a location high in Oregon’s Cascade Mountains. He is startled when a beautiful woman, claiming to have come from “up above” tells him of her mission to provide the Earth’s scientists with knowledge of long-forgotten laws of physics. Having become a Christian at a young age, he is defensive of her presence and her claims. Reluctantly, he listens and ultimately accepts the challenge to join her.

Dan experiences opposing forces and unexpected challenges, including several attempts to eliminate him and thwart his efforts to complete the mission. The challenging story, filled with humor, danger and intrigue, compels the reader to follow the exciting saga to its dramatic conclusion.

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About The Author

Ben Rolphe spent over fifty years of his life as an entrepreneur. He has written and lectured on the techniques of advertising and marketing products and services. As a former rancher, he became an excellent horseman and experienced trail rider, and has experienced the challenges of farming along with the risks of ranging cattle. His writing, both autobiographical and fictional, reflect many of the locations and experiences of his life. Ben and his wife live in North Idaho.

Books by Ben Rolphe

  • The Villa

  • Challenged

  • The Light

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