Nathan and Judi have moved on.

Politician Nathan Whithorne’s wife died two years ago, drowned in the Susquehanna River. Nathan has tried to move on with his life. He’s even engaged to remarry. But Judi’s body was never found, and when Nathan discovers that her ruby brooch is missing, he suspects she’s still alive.

Judi Rydell is living a secret life on Bay Island, a small community on Lake Erie. She faked her death after receiving threatening notes, and she’s sure Nathan is happier now that she’s gone. He can continue his political career, and she can finally build the life she wants. When Nathan arrives on the island, Judi fears the worst. How did he find her, and what could he possibly want from her now?

Nathan and Judi must confront the past and their relationship as they struggle to trust God to work out the details. But can they trust each other?

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About The Author

Beth Loughner is a regular newspaper columnist, book reviewer, and has written three full-length dramas. Beth also finds great excitement in home-schooling and in her occupation as a registered nurse. Beth, her husband and their two daughters live in Ohio. They love traveling to unusual places and you may find her family camping in various state parks with their pop-up Coleman, where Beth would live year-round if it were possible.

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